04 October 2010

Korean food

It's true that you can find adventure in your own backyard. On our last trip to Chicago, I was surprised by an unusual dinner in a hidden but well known Korean restaurant, San Soo Gab San at 5247 North Western Avenue, Chicago, IL

I was in for a treat as we ate a traditional BBQ!

Look at all those little side dishes! Who knows what each is called and for sure there were several that were not recognizable! If you like something, you have to leave a little bit in the dish so you can ask that more be brought to you as it would be impossible to explain what it was.

This is not any barbecue you've experienced.. the fire is brought to your table and they use actual wood charcoal. If it burns low, they bring you another fire! It was cold I remember and it was great having a little fire to keep us warm. I would not have had any idea on what to order, but my friend knew exactly. It's hard to tell from the menu, but you'll want the BBQ at your table.

If you're ever in Chicago and are feeling adventurous, here is a short video of the place to tempt you more :)` parking is difficult, just so you know! ..and the area so-so, leave no valuables in sight, or in the car at all really.